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Explain Studies and evidence Evaluation / criticism
Moral decline Murray : "back to basics" there has been a loss There are thousands of single parent families and not all of their children grow
There is no consensus of of tradition and people are more "selfish and be criminals and are…

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choices they see them as lacking moral values
especially when committing it family life.
Right realists see the underclass as a direct
cause of crime in recent years.
Rational choose theory Clarke: argues that the decision to commit a Conservatives : note that punishment should be much harder in order…

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Involvement : actively involved people some
have time to engage in crime
Belief: strong belief in values, laws and rules.

It does not take in to consideration that there is a impact of crime being
committed by the wealthy and powerful and there upbringing would have
Cultural deprivation The new…

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need therefore Marsland: welfare dependency had Norman Tebbit : his farther was out of work and did not steal or riot also ther
causing dependency undermined peoples sense of no real welfare state and the state therefore kills people self-reliance
commitment and obligation to support on

Explain Studies and…

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Ritualism ­ some people loose sight of material goals but common goals that people strived to attain at
derive from failed meaningless jobs every other time.
Retreats- a small number of people reject both the goals
and the means by dropping out of society
Rebellion ­ people use violent means…

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Belief ­ strong cultural belief in goals and in
the control system

Subculture Cohen is able to explain why others vandalise the Merton sees crime as a individual response
Distinctive sets of values that building. And the bottom of society has created its own and attack on society rather than…

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Lower class children are much more likely to fail and feel
so humiliated. In a attempt to gain status they invert
traditional middle class tradition by behaving badly
engaging in a variety of antisocial behaviours.




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