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New religious movements
revision cards…read more

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Rapid growth reasons
· Transport- people moved freely from place to
· Liberation of women- Post war liberation &
contraceptive pill invention
· Liberalism…read more

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· Wallis- 1964 aimed to classify NRMs into 3
· World affirming
· World rejecting
· World accommodating
· Many groups cross boundaries of the
classifications…read more

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Classification- World rejecting
· Attracts people whose values re at odd with
rest of society
· Rapid turnover
· Ability to drop out
· EG. Moonies…read more

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Classification- World affirming
· Tries to help people cope with everyday life
· Image of normality
· OK with world
· Dangerous practises conducted inside
· Con people into providing money to cause
(idea they will become GOD)
· EG. Scientology, Transcendental meditation…read more

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Classification- World accommodating
· Draws from society
· Does not affect the world
· Religion on the side of persons life
· Focussed on spiritual life of individual
· EG. Aetherius society…read more

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