New Liberalism: Labour Party Goals and the Liberal Actions

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Labour Party Goals and the
Liberal Actions
Labour Goals Liberals Actions
Free trade would mean cheaper Liberals fought 1906 Election
food, keeping international on defence of free trade
relations thus world peace
Minimum wage was a distinct Introduced minimum wage to
labour policy some low paid jobs under 1909
Trade Boards Act and miners
due to strike of 1912
Reversal of the Taff Vale Accepted labour proposals with
incident the Trade Disputes Act, 1906
Eight Hour Day Introduced 8 hour day for coal
miners, 1908
Nationalisation of mines and Radical liberals supported
railways nationalisation but not the
Government as most of their
voters were private businesses
Right to work with public work Liberal Government didn't
schemes run by Government to support this
provide jobs and boost
Taxes on land Lloyd George did this in the
People's Budget, 1909 and
Land Campaign 1913-1914 but
there weren't introduced
School meals to be provided by Permitted some of it but it
councils wasn't made compulsory
Old age pensions of 10s a week Pension of 5s for over 70 year
for over 65 year olds olds was created
Restrictions on power of the Liberals fought the
House of Lords Constitutional battle of


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