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The nervous system is made up of Neurones which convey messages around the body
Within the neurone there is an electro chemical message called a Nerve impulse
The chemicals which cross the synapse between the axon and the receiving neurone are called
Neurotransmitters are driven by genes.
Genes can control specific behaviours such as tongue rolling. Genes interact with other genes and
with the environment to determine behaviour.
Neurotransmitters are directly responsible for our behaviour. Activity of neurotransmitters is
different for different genders.
The brain is localised- brain function with different regions for different roles. Different parts of the
brain work in different ways depending on the gender (Brain Lateralization)
The balance of neurotransmitters has been linked to a number of conditions such as schizophrenia
and depression.
Neurotransmitters are from the group endorphins produced as a response to physical pain and
psychological stress. When they are low, ways to reduce stress such as drinking alcohol become
Overall link to gender: genes determine our neurotransmitters which lead to our behaviour so our
gender behaviour must be inherited.
The nervous system is made up of:
The Central Nervous System (CNS)


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