Neural Mechanisms in Eating Behaviour - Building Block

This is another building block for the third topic in the Eating unit. I didn't feel as confident with this one when it came to the exam because the biological stuff can be quite difficult to grasp completely sometimes, but the studies are more memorable than the ones in the textbook and if I was given this question, I think I would have been okay :)

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Building block: Neural Mechanisms in Eating Behaviour

AO / IDA Content of paragraph
AO1 The body aims to keep its state constant and in balance by carefully
monitoring its processes.
Glucostatic Homeostasis is the process of adjusting and rebalancing in order to achieve
Hypothesis balance. EG. In order to keep…

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Building block: Hormonal Mechanisms in Eating Behaviour

AO1 Hormones are released into the blood and travel to the brain, where they
influence appetite.
Ghrelin and Ghrelin ­ has a short-term effect that encourages eating. This is produced by
Laptin the intestine and stimulates feelings of hunger.
Leptin ­ long-term influence…

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