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Neural and Hormonal Mechanisms

Neural Mechanisms look into the effects of the
Neurotransmitters on aggression behaviour. Neurotransmitters
are chemicals that enable impulses within the brain to be transmitted from
one area of the brain to another. There is evidence that low levels of
Serotonin and High levels of Dopamine are…

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Questionnaires were used within this study to the collect the data,
which is a simple, self-report as a large sample of people can be
questioned effectively and therefore large amounts of data can be
collected. However, there may be a problem with social desirability
answers, as people want to present…

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compared Testosterone levels of aggressive in less aggressive individuals. This means that
the study lacks reliability

Some researchers suggest that we should distinguish aggression
from dominance. Aggression refers to the intent to inflict injury, while
dominance is the desire to achieve or maintain status over another.
Aggression may be just…


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