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Communications Networks
LAN ­ Local Area Network
­ Collection of Computers and peripherals with a
common connection in one building or site.
WAN ­ Wide Area Network
­ Groups of networks connected together over a
larger geographical area.…read more

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Network topologies
The topology of a network is its physical layout
-- the way in which the computers and other
units (commonly referred to as nodes) are
connected.…read more

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LAN - Advantages
­ Shared resources
· Disk storage, printers, modems, scanners etc.…read more

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LAN - Disadvantages
­ Dependence on a single server machine.
· Large systems will have a back-up server.
­ Hardware/software access depends on network
­ System Manager dependent
· System must be properly organised for efficiency
­ Difficult to make system secure.…read more

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Types of LAN
Server-based ­ Client-Server Architecture
­ Devices on networks are either clients or servers.
­ Workstations would be clients. They request a service from
servers. For example, retrieve a file from the file server, or
print a document on a printer which is a server device
­ Alternative architecture for small businesses (3 or 4
­ Each workstation can communicate directly with every other
workstation with no central server.…read more

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Network Maintenance Tasks
Any network requires the management of:
­ Adequate response times
­ Necessary hardware upgrades
­ Software availability
­ Software upgrades
­ Provision of information for users
­ Back-up procedures
­ Network Security…read more

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Server-based Peer-to-peer
Centralised backing storage Distributed storage
Software held centrally and shared. Copies of software held on individual
Server manages distribution of data and machines. Basic network services to
software to clients. Some processing enable sharing of data, software and
may be handled locally but most done printers are provided. Generally easier
by file server. More speed and power to set up and maintain than servers. OK
but additional cost and complication. for small businesses.…read more

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Wide Area Networks
LAN is connected by cables.…read more

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Communications links
Possible satellite
Mainframe Mainframe Mainframe
in in in
Norwich London USA
modem modem…read more


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