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Poem: Nettles
Subject: About a child falling into a patch of nettles and the child seeking comfort from his parents.
Themes: Protection, relationship of a parent and child, the true brutalities of life and powerlessness of a parent.
Messages: Even though the poet tries to protect his child,…

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present the child and the violence of the father's response suggests a powerful instinct has
been provoked.

Painful language - the narrator gives precise images of the boy's pain, but also links to the
more general pains of growing up.

Alliteration using the 'b' sounds suggest the swelling, painful injuries,…

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Nettles are about the protection offered to a young child by a father. Harmonium is about the assistance offered by a
father to his son, although the older age of the child changes the father's role in the poem. Nettles present a father
who is violent in his desire…


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