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Nettles Point Example Effect
One long 16 line stanza `My son aged three', `and Shows he is about to tell the reader about an event that happened in
F Story telling (narrative) then' the past.
One stanza demonstrates the fact that the poem is a snapshot of one
event as a new verse would show the event moving through time or a
different event.
Contrasting language : `violent', `slashed' Shows he is protective of his son and wants to protect him from harm
L Fatherly
`soothed', `tender'
`no place for rest.', `stood
upright anymore.'
`sobs and tears'
Caesura literally puts the line to rest to emphasize his point. Caesura in
the second example shows the finality of death and could show that the
father will not rest until he has protected his son.
Enjambment `blisters beaded', `skin' Enjambment makes the sobs and tears literally run off the page to
Alliteration accentuate the pain his son feels
The alliteration of the plosive `b' contrasts the softer tone that follows
to show the difference between the unpleasantness of the rash and a
vulnerable child's soft skin.
Extended metaphor `nettles' Extended metaphor for `life stings'/ life's pain. The reader is able to
I War motif
Personification of nettles and
`regiment', `recruits'
`called up tall recruits'
relate themselves to the poem
War motif shows that he sees the nettles as a battle that will cause pain
and only one side can win; him or the nettles. It also gives the
impression he will fight anything and anyone to protect his son.
Personification makes the nettles seem more dangerous and the
personification of the weather `called up' gives the impression that the
world is out to hurt him and so pain will always return.
Alternate rhyme 'bed', `shed' Helps to create a sense of narrative as it gives a sense that the poet
R Iambic pentameter
Irregularity in rhythm (line 10)
`with it' knows the event well. It also reinforces the war motif as has a concise
strict rhyming scheme/rhythm, reflecting the strictness of the army

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The irregularity stresses the extra syllable and adds to the `fury', giving a
sense of his aggressive strikes with the hook.
Mixture of tones; loving/ `my son would often feel The mixture of tones shows the conflict the poet feels as a father
T protective, angry/sad the sharp wounds again' knowing that he will not always be able to protect his son no matter
how much he wants to.…read more


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