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Stimulus Receptor Coordinator Effector Response
Change in The brain What you
environmen and spinal do in
t cord reaction to
e.g. Heat, Cells within decide how Muscles or the
pain, light sense organs we glands that stimulus
that detect respond to bring about
stimuli stimuli the response
(CNS) to a stimulus…read more

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What is the point of the nervous
Humans can react to surroundings
and co-ordinate their behaviour…read more

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receptors…read more

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Nerve cell
Information carried around the nervous
system as electrical impulses. Impulses
are carried by nerve cells called
Very fast
Nervous responses usually involve at
least 3 neurones…read more

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Different types of neurone:
1. Sensory neurones carry signals from receptors to the
spinal cord and brain.
2. Relay neurones carry messages from one part of the
CNS to another.
3. Motor neurones carry signals from the CNS to
This shows a typical motor neurone. It has tiny branches
at each end and a long fibre carries the signals.…read more

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