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Nervous Communication
B3- Life on Earth…read more

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What is the nervous system ?
· The nervous system is used to quickly respond
to stimuli
· Nerves are quick to react but are short lived
· Nervous messages are carried by electrical
impulses, in cells called neurons
See vocabulary at end…read more

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What is the CNS (Central Nervous
· The central nervous system, in mammals, is
the brain and spinal cord
· The job of the CNS is to process and react to
the impulses sent by the receptors…read more

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How does the nervous system work?
1. A receptor sends a impulse in response to a
Light receptors in eyes respond to a change in
light intensity…read more

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2. The impulse is passed along the CNS…read more

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3. The brain processes the information from the
receptor and sends an impulse…read more

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