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Nerve Principles, Impulses and
Synaptic Transmission…read more

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Specification…read more

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A Neuron
Nodes of
Axon Nodes of
Myelin Ranvier
Nucleus Sheath
Schwann Cells…read more

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Structure and Function
Structure Function
Cell Body Contains nucleus and lots of Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum to
synthesise proteins and neurotransmitters
Dendrons Extensions of the cell body which branch smaller into dendrites and
carry nerve impulses towards the cell body. Large surface area
Axon Carries impulses away from the cell body
Schwann Cells Provide electrical insulation for the axon. Carry out phagocytosis
and are involved in nerve regeneration
Myelin Sheath Axon covering made up of the membranes of schwann cells
Nodes of Ranvier Gaps between schwann cells with no myelin sheath…read more

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· Prevents action potentials from forming in
the myelinated parts of the axon- increasing
their speed
· Thus forcing the potential to leap long
distances from one node of ranvier to the next
· Stops signals from adjacent cells from
interfering with each other…read more

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Nerve Impulses
· Travel along axons when there is a temporary
reversal of the electrical potential difference
either side of the axon membrane
· The differences are created by the movement
of Na and K ions
· The reversal of the ions brings about two
1. Resting Potential (No impulse)
2. Action Potential (After impulse arrives)…read more

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