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Amelia Kirk

Nerves Summary

Sensory Receptors
Receptors: detect stimuli
Effectors: respond to a stimulus, communicate w/ effectors via the nervous system
Survival: responding to change (a stimulus)
The Parietal Lobe - figures out messages received from 5 senses, damage can result in a lack of

- neurones surrounded by…

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What causes the resting potential: at rest, Na+/K+ ion pump uses ATP to move 3 sodium ions out
for every 2 potassium ions that enter, plasma membrane is more permeable to potassium ions
(because of some open potassium ion channels) so many potassium ions diffuse out of the cells

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Nerve juntions
Synapse: junction between two or more neurones
Cholinergic synapse: synapse using acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter
Presynaptic membrane
- synaptic knob (bulb): swelling at end of presynaptic membrane
- synaptic knob contains: many mitochondria, smooth ER, vesicles containing acetylcholine,
voltage gated calcium ion channels in the membrane
Transmission across…


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