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Generator Potentials
Action Potentials
When the receptor is stimulated there is a charge reversal and a generator
potential occurs.
o These are not all-or-nothing and may vary in size
o In order to generate an Action Potential the generator potential must
exceed the threshold.
Resting potential = -60mV
At rest the Axon is polarized
The Na+/K+ pumps in the axon actively pump 3Na+ OUT of the cell and pump
IN 2K+, causing the inside of the cell to be more negative than the
surrounding area.
A lot of the K+ ions are able to diffuse back out of the axon, due to the
presence of a lot of Potassium ion channels in the membrane of the axon.
Na+ ions can not diffuse back into the axon
Lots of Negative Ions stay inside of the neurone.


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