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Nerve Junctions
A nerve junction occurs between two neurones. This is called a synapse and using
specialised processes will allow two or more neurones to communicate and send signals to
one another.
A cholinergic synapse are those that use acetylcholine as their transmitter substance.
A neurotransmitter is a chemical that…

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Transmission across the synapse

Damilola Fasoyiro A2 Biology

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Damilola Fasoyiro A2 Biology

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The role of acetylcholinesterase
an enzyme found in the synaptic cleft
hydrolyses ACh to ethanoic acid and choline via a hydrolysis reaction
stops transmission of signals so that the synapse does not continue to produce action
potentials in the postsynaptic neurone
the ethanoic acid and choline are recycled: by re-entering…

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can also lead to death due to asphyxiation
A lethal dose for the average adult human of sarin gas is a mere 0.5mg of the gas

Damilola Fasoyiro A2 Biology


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