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Assess the view that the relationship between superpowers and the
developing world is a neo-colonial one
Neo-colonialism is an indirect method of exploitation and maintaining power. This is usually
an economic way of sustaining control through the pattern of aid and debt repayments. This
is in contrast to colonialism which…

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Tokyo) are all in the `west'. In today's globalised world emerging powers have started to
benefit from world trade, mainly due to the role of TNCs e.g. Nike, which originate from the
west. Although countries such as China have gained hugely from this there are still many
LDC's that have…

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large replacement labour force). There are currently 1 million Chinese workers in Africa and
there will be 10 million by 2015 therefore there are not many job opportunities for the locals
­ the few jobs that are available have low wages and the health and safety regulations are
extremely lax.…


Hartati Medina


Good essay. Did you do this in timed conditions?

A 15 mark essay does not have to be more than 2 pages long. -_-

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