Negligence notes (part 1.)

  • Duty of care & cases
  • Breach of Contract & cases
  • Risk Factors & cases
  • Res Ipsa Loquitur & cases
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'l'{r'tt rro.n *tondnrd o[ i-rc'ooqo.hE mron r{o,rn3 rJnL ft,"** ccir.,i5(o.r[i,.rc3 tpnro|I,rd
!(tr\5-^ '' ts,*'ti"''- f{.
'Pro[,uJ ,**,.- HSi.. s*.,nrtn.n. *t t'ot of ,.CI* \ruc,.({o uo*,*f,,r.r, x",.p.)
" Ct ,',.,*r - l** ot: [L^,,u,_iro= , e,cr^.s.d)
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r. .4 Qi:r - trrore (txrtgFsl,, rnnrr stres mr,n{.tr, pcqren{ ueQ{.rrio$ v lfB)
o lirrtt-r"l
S(fictt\rrss - flrcrr( Chnrr,rte.i:ticr *n rnr,r t rrroqne'ioutrht,ris r l*cpri-r-\ tic
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&'$ t btOn"\
PfC'cr"iCn,,i.r:t3- f,,.rrrt>tCr.rlf prrCO.UrriOnS (fr'O,*r., u
" {3a.,'rP,a *o 6...rU - 1-= O.rnni (au*oh*.S
",."13_" f tn,r,,
, H."". rc)
Po rpSA t eu,..* -'fa. kr,^S.g,ro) tprou $o,- *,,'. drt,.eru, Ot praoP n".to Df,pr.nur not vr$tCnr)
j$cot* t""*"^ * .rt r<grlorin. Decr.) f 5F .n.-.;^ on,,+
oD nm yro ol,ternqtv( tucpluno*ion i


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