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Nazi Propaganda and Control of the Arts

The Nazis used two main methods of control:
1. Terror
2. Propaganda
From very outset Nazis realised the importance of propaganda. They had used propaganda in
their rise to power. Once established they continued to rely on propaganda as a means of

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Nazis enforced communal listening to Hitler's broadcasts within factories, schools, offices and
shops. Loudspeakers were erected in streets and town squares.
In wartime Germany (19391945) the radio became vital to sustain morale and spread victory
propaganda throughout Germany. Other forms of communication could not be sustained so the
Nazi regime…

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"They are not only aesthetic but also moral in nature."
Hitler's youthful ambition as an artist prompted him to take a closer interest in the visual arts
than did any other 20th century dictator.
Once in power, Hitler began to remove corrupt or "degenerate" art by Enemies of the State…

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Nazi Architecture was like another form of propaganda. It was often incorporated tall, dominated
structures to give the people hope and to inspire them, to make them see what a great country
Germany could be. This effect was often reinforced when a lot of the architecture was adorned
with great…


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