Nazi party 1924-29

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Nazi party 1924-29
-When Hitler was in prison the Nazi party was banned
-In the May 1924 elections, the Nazis won 32 seats and
-Nazi party fell in popularity because the economy fared well and the public was
not attracted to their extremist views and they struggled to get votes
-Mien Kamp was published and contained the ideas of:
Territorial expansion
National socialism-aggressive national pride
-Hitler increased his control of the party in 1925 and set up his own personal
bodyguard called the SS
-Joseph Goebbels was put in charge of propaganda to help them reach out to the
-Nazis set up organizations like the Hitler youth and the Nazi teachers league and
they staged public meetings
-Although elections were going badly their membership grew, in 1923 it had
27,000 members and in 1928 they had 100,000 members
- The Nazis were still a long way from being a strong political party


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