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Nazi Germany Revision 1918-39
The Treaty of Versailles

Diktat ­ forced upon the people of Germany

Usa, France and Britain sent a treaty to Germany telling them they were the reason for the
start of World War 1 and they had to pay reparations to Britain and its allies for…

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A number of members from the Reichstag were sent to each local government.
They could delay new laws unless overruled by two thirds majority of the Reichstag.

The Chancellor

Chose the ministers that run the regions.
To pass laws he needed a majority of support from the Reichstag.

The President…

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Political Problems

Right Wing ­ want a stable government, supporting capitalism.

Left Wing ­ want everyone to be equal, communism, workers were left wing.

100,000 Left wing went and destroyed key buildings such as newspaper offices. In the end
the government bought in the Freikorps (old soldiers) and they stopped…

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Hitler thought if he didn't act fast Stresemann would solve Germanys problems and the
NSDAP party would no longer be needed because they wanted them for the recovery of
On the 8th of November Hitler burst into a beer hall demanding he was the new chancellor
and he would…

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Political Parties ­ In July 1933 he banned all political parties except for the Nazi Party this
helped because he had no one to compete against.
The Enabling Act ­ In March 1933 Hitler created a law that allowed him to make any law when
he wanted to. He got…


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