Nazi Germany Dates and Key Words

dates which you need to remember for GCSE History (Nazi Germany)

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WWII ends armistice signed 11th November 1918
Treaty of Versailles signed June 1919
1923 a year of crisis for Weimar
Hyperinflation (costs went up, value of money went down)
Munich Putsch 8th 9th November 1923
1924 Hitler on trial ­ imprisoned in Landsberg prison ­ treated leniently
By 1922 Hitler undisputed leader
1920 party changes name to Nazi
1921 SA created, 1922 3,000
1929 Wall Street crash
1928 3 percent of the vote Nazi
March 1933 44percent of vote and win 288 seats but fall short of the two thirds needed for the
enabling act
30th Jan 1933 ­Hitler becomes chancellor
27th Feb. 1933 Reichstag fire
2nd may 1933 trade unions and non Nazi papers banned
July 1933 all other political parties banned
23rd march 1933 enabling act and no longer needs Reichstag and removes opposition and turns his
attention to SA ( brown shirt)
Night of long knives 29th June 1934 and Ernst Rohm accused of undermining Hitler and is arrested and
2nd august 1934 Hindenburg dies and Hitler makes himself president
Hitler merges president and chancellor to become fuhrer
30% of young people were part of the Hitler youth before 1933
1939 80% of young people part of Hitler youth
April 1933 one day of boycott of Jewish businesses

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Nuremberg laws
9 10th November 1938 night of broken glass
Jan 1942 at the Wannsee Conference Death toll of 6 million Jews
1936 Berlin Olympics
Germany invades Poland 01.09.…read more


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