Nazi Germany Dates and Key Words

dates which you need to remember for GCSE History (Nazi Germany)

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WWII ends armistice signed 11th November 1918

Treaty of Versailles signed June 1919

1923 a year of crisis for Weimar

Hyperinflation (costs went up, value of money went down)

Munich Putsch 8th 9th November 1923

1924 Hitler on trial ­ imprisoned in Landsberg prison ­ treated leniently

By 1922…

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1935 Nuremberg laws

9 10th November 1938 night of broken glass

Jan 1942 at the Wannsee Conference Death toll of 6 million Jews

1936 Berlin Olympics

Germany invades Poland 01.09.39 ww11 begins

1939 ­ 1941 war goes well

Germany starts loosing when he attacks the USSR in 1941 and from…


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