Nazi Germany 1918- 1939 In 10 pages Complete Revision Guide.

These are my note that i made  from Gcse Bitsize about Nazi Germany.

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History Germany revision
Weimar constitutions
After the First World War a new democracy took over.
This included an elected Reichstag and elected president using
Article 48 in an emergency . The bill of rights and to vote by
proportional representation.
Bill of rights gave people freedom of speech and equality
All men and woman over the age of 20 were given the right to vote.
Weakness was proportional representation, Germany voted for a
party in said of an mp which allocated seats in the Reichstag
depending on number of votes. There was know party that had a
greater majority so no government had its laws passed.
Article 48 ­ stated that in an emergency the president did not need
permission of the Reichstag to issue decrees. This how Hitler took
power legally .
Since Weimar republic started their has been a series of violence
and unrest:
- Kappa putsch- Rebelion , angry at signing treaty of Versailles
- Nationalist terror group 356 politicians assassinated
1923 Germany failed to make reparations on time this led to:
French invasion of Ruhr
A general strike
Munich putch

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Why did people support the Nazi?
Nazi Message They believed that treaty of Versailles
was a crime.
Jews should not be allowed as German
Get rid of other political parties.
The Depression Many people left homeless and caused
Unemployed lived on the streets.
5 major banks crashed middle classed
Those who didn't listen to Hitler started
to because of desperation.
Unhappiness with Weimar Democracy Vote for Hitler was a vote for a
dictatorship.…read more

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November 1932 Nazi remain most popular
30 January Hindenburg chose Hitler thinking he could control him .
30th of January 1933 Hitler becomes chancellor ; How?
Event Date Summary How did Hitler use this
to his Advantage?
Reichstag fire 27th of February 1933 Reichstag building was This gave the
set on fire Dutch opportunity to
communist Van der imprison many
Lubbe was caught. communist leaders
stooping them from
Nazi to say that country
was in danger with
win more seats in
election.…read more

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men and the army. So what a tyrant Hitler
the SS murdered 400 was.
of the SA including
their leader Rohm.
Fuhrer 19 August 1934 Hitler declares himself Formally made Hitler
jointly president, absolute ruler
Chancellor and head of
the army.
How did Nazi gain control?
They gained control by a mixture of propaganda and intimidation.
Hitler was able to take control of the government:
HITLER became Furher
Enabling act
Local governments reorganised
Political parties banned.…read more

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Night of the long knives…read more

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Hitler was a chancellor but not yet in full control
2. Opposition form outside were being destroyed and Nazi party
was set up.
3. But some within the Nazi party opposed Hitler secretly.
4. The SA(Strum Abteilung) know as the storm troppers or brown
5. Formed in 1921 to protect the Nazi Party. Ernst Rohm was their
6. Some SA members were keen on the Nazi beliefs but they
wanted rich landowners and big business to be taken over.
7.…read more

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What was the Role of Women in the Nazi State?
1. Women were expected to stay at home and look after their family.
2. If they had jobs/Careers they were forced to give it up.
3. Their live revolved around the 3k's=Church, Cooking, Children.
4. Hitler Wanted a high Birth rate so that the population would grow.
5. The law for the Encouragement of Married gave newlyweds a Loan of
£1000 marks and they could keep £250 marks for each child that gives
6.…read more

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Martin He formed the Held in a
Niemoller-(Protestant confessional church concentration camp
Pastor) against Hitler's Rein during the period of
Church 1937-1945.
Kreisau Circle Army officials and It exploded but Hitler
intellectuals tried to survived and 5,000
bomb Hitler. people executed.
Nazi Persecution
The Nazi believed that only Germans could be citizens and that
non Germans did not have the right to citizenship.
What did they do about it?
1. Tried to eliminate jews
2. Sterilised Black People
3. Killed Mentally Disabled Babies
4.…read more

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Nuremberg Laws (15th of September) Jews could not be
citizens they were not allowed to vote or marry a German.
Jews had to add Sarah to their name (Women) Israel (Men)
Kristallnacht attack on Jewish homes and Businesses.
(2Oth of January) Wansee conference decided on gassing all
Europe Jews. The main death camps were at Auschwitz.…read more

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How did Hitler Increase Employment?
1. He stopped Paying reparations and invested in companies
2. He began Huge public works Programme such as planting forest,
and building hospitals and school.
3. Many Jews were sacked and their Jobs given to non Jews
4. Many Women were sacked and their jobs given to men.
Did Germany Become Self sufficient?
1. The Policy of Autarky was a failure ­This was hitler's ideology of
ceasing trade with other countries and relying on it's own
resources.…read more


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