Nausicaa and her Parents

Odyssey translation of the set text, part 2 of 6.

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Nausicaa and her parents (Lines 4870)
At once fairthroned dawn came, she woke
Fairrobed Nausicaa. At once she marvelled much at the dream,
She made her way through the house in order to announce to her parents,
To her dear father and mother. She found them inside
Her mother was sitting at the hearth with her handmaids
Spinning seapurple wool, she met her father
At the door as he came with renowned nobles
To a council where the noble Phaeacians called him.
She, having stood very close to her father, addressed him
"Dear Father, won't you prepare for me a wagon
High and wellwheeled, so that I may take splendid clothes to wash, the ones lying dirty
And it seems fitting for you being
Amongst the first. Taking council of their council to have
Clean clothes for you flesh. Five loved sons are born to you
In your halls, two who are married, three flourishing youths
Who always want to have newlywashed clothes
To go to the dance. All of these things are on my mind."
So she spoke for she was ashamed to name openly fertile marriage
To her dear father but he knew everything and replied with words,
"I don't begrudge you the mules, my child, nor anything else.
Go, and the slaves will prepare the wagon for you
High and well wheeled, and with fitted bodywork."


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