Nature or Nurture? (Case studies)

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Nature is your genetic inheritance, what you are born with.
The Jim Twins
The Jim twins were studied first in 1979. They had been bought up apart in
adoptive families. At the age of 40 they reunited. They had the same medical
history and spoke the same. Both had the same interests, both had carpentry
workshops, went on the same holidays, both had married a women named Betty
and divorced a woman named Lynda. Both also naming their first child James
Nurture is the effect of personal experiences from the womb to adulthood. It is how you have been bought
Feral Children
Oxana Malaya ­ Ukraine
Being one of many siblings, Oxana was neglected and was left outside; here she
slept in the kennel with the dogs. She was later taken to an institution for kids
where she was slowly accustomed to the Ukraine way of life and language.
Edik ­ Ukraine
His mum was an alcoholic and he and his sister were abandoned. His sister was
taken care of by their neighbour which Edik on his own. He lived in flat with stray
dogs. Edik was discovered and taken into care when he was 3. He started living
with a foster family and started to pick up the language.
Victor ­ France
Victor was found by hunters when he was roaming with some dogs. Dr Ittard took
him in and tried to teach him how to be a normal child, he succeeded to teach him
to be compassionate however failed to teach him to speak.


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