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This document contains information about the nature of memory; the information includes the following topics;

  • · Long and Short Term Memory – Coding / Capacity / Duration
  • · Studies and Support Evidence
  • · Evaluation of studies and supporting evidence

The information is colour coded in order for quick identification of material;

  • Black – General Information
  • Blue – Study Information
  • Green – Positive Evaluation
  • Red – Negative Evaluation

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James Alberts
Nature of Memory

Two types of memory ­ Short term and long term

Differences between the two;

Short Term Memory Long Term Memory
Duration Up to 18 seconds From minutes to a lifetime
Capacity 5-9 Chunks 7+/- 2 Limitless
Type of encoding Acoustic (sounds) Semantic (meaning)

Short Term…

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However like STM it is possible we use more than one type of coding, words like sunset are
concrete and east to visualise and may use a visual code, whereas words like clever, guilty are more
abstract and need to be coded semantically

Enormous but impossible to measure



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