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Physics Paper 2 (The nature of light)

The waveparticle duality theory states that anything that has particle properties can also have properties of waves. Quantum mechanics regards light as both streams of particles and as a wave.

Particles of light are called photons.

Energy is absorbed and radiated in discrete…

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The total energy supplied is the sum of the energy required to liberate the electrons and the kinetic energy they have after their release.
E = + Ek

1 mv2
hf = hf 0 + 2

When considering the energy of subatomic particles, it is more convenient to use the…

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In lasers passing photons stimulate other electrons to fall down a level and emit the characteristic, continuous beam of light.

Photovoltaic cells produce an electric current because a photon can excite an electron to a level in which it can flow as a conduction electron. The composition of the material…


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