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Natural Moral Law

The Basics
Prescribes fixed moral rules and duties
Traces back to ancient ideas from Greece ­ "the natural is that which
everywhere is equally valid" ­Aristotle (i.e. universal truth)
"True law is right reason in agreement with nature" ­Cicero
Best known as a Christian system…

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o The same would be true for stealing cars, adultery etc. They might
seem good, but they're not
Interior and exterior acts
o As with other deontological theories, intentions are important in NML
(compare Kant)
o Aquinas describes the action as the exterior act and the intention as
the interior…

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Some Protestants oppose NML on the grounds that it
undermines the belief that Salvation comes from God's grace,
not from keeping moral laws
o No agreed moral laws
A relativist objection
The world is full of different moralities, not clear and common
o No such thing as essential human…


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