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Natural Moral Law

Stoics: God lives within humans; divine spark which teaches them how to live
according to God's will (aka nature)
Humans have a choice through free will whether to obey rules but must use
reasons to determine why

Aristotle: The Four Causes; efficient…

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Natural Inclinations
Precepts are natural laws instilled in humans by God which can be discovered through
Most fundamental inclination do good avoid evil; supreme good is perfection
therefore cannot pursue evil
Humans lead astray by apparent goods but reason can show us the right thing to do
Apparent good…

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Reproduction Do not use contraception
Don't have an abortion

Educating the Young Free education
Making school compulsory
Same standard of schools throughout the country

The Doctrine of Double Effect
Absolutism ­ an objective moral rule or value that is always true in all situations and
for everyone without exceptions

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It allows people to do good in life, and not to Atheists will natural moral law can oppose
always act in self-interests but knowing their common good e.g. biblical story of Abraham and
goal is to do good by society, others. Isaac. God order Abraham to kill his son as…


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