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Thomas Aquinas
(1225-1274)…read more

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Who was Thomas Aquinas
Aquinas was a Roman Catholic Priest and theologian.
He used Aristotle's secular philosophy as a basis
for Christian morality. He believed it was possible
to offer a rational basis for Christian morality
using natural law.
His claim was that morality did not depend on divine
revelation. Humans could discover what was right
without any reference to any `God'
Ever since natural law has dominated Catholic
morality and has had a considerable effect on other
Christian denominations.
What do his beliefs mean for Natural Law?…read more

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Aquinas's Natural Law
Natural law can be summarised under the following
four characteristics.
Foundation that God had created the world and that God
has established an order and pattern that reflects God's
If everything has been created for a purpose, human
reason by reflecting on that purpose can judge how to act
in order to confirm that purpose.
In Natural Law an act does not depend for its moral
justification on the acts having any particular
Since it is based on reason rather than revelation, it can
be discerned by anyone, regardless of whether they are
religious or not.…read more

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Thomas Aquinas five ways.
Aquinas gave five arguments for the
existence of God that we will look at
this lesson.
Most are cosmological arguments with
the final argument being teleological.
What do you understand by cosmological
and teleological?…read more

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Thomas Aquinas's "Five Ways"
1. Everything is changing ­ but
something must have caused it.
2. Every effect must have a cause
3. Things come into existence, and
cease to exist. There must be a cause.
4. Excellence must come from perfection
5. The harmony of things suggests design.
This all must be God!…read more

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The Cosmological Argument
cosmos - the world or universe
based on what can be seen
concept of contingency -
dependent on something that
may or may not happen…read more

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