Natural Law

Everything you need to know on Natural Law including analysis and other key thinkers ideas

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Religious theory (Christian)
· Deontological
· Universal & Unchangeable
· Written by Thomas Aquinas catholic monk `Summa Theologia"
· Based on aristotles teachings
· Absoloutist
· Deontological
Eudaimonia Telos of man
· Knowing God is most distinctive human function and key to fulfilment
· Human flourish happy life
· God more perfect / fulfilling telos
· Reason, discern moral principles to live by Rational Appeitites
· Natural appetiteis we share with animals
· Senses: love, fear, hate
· Rational appetite makes us special
4 ideas of Law
· Eternal Designers plan
· Divine manual sent to us
· Natural what we observe
· Human what we write down
· Aquinas starting point
· Do good avoid evil
· General teleological principal
· A priori(knowledge based)
· Reasonable

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Primary Precepts
Secondary Precepts
Preservation of life = self preservation and preservation of others
· Do not murder
· Do not abort
· Defend the weak
· do not commit suicide
· Sex is for reproduction contraception is wrong
· Without contraception abortion, spread HIV
· Aquinas said there was a link between happiness and virtous behaviour
· Represent human qualities that reason suggests helps us live a moral life
The Double Effect…read more

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· intentions important NOT consequences
· allow action where unintended outcome devastating effects
· e.g.…read more

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how Aquinass theory of Natural Law can be used to decide on the right course of action?( 30)

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