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Native Americans
Affirmative Action
During the mid 1960's, the advances of The Civil Rights Movement in general
and the racial consciousness of Black Power encouraged other racial groups
to campaign for themselves.
Johnson in 1968 wanted to launch a policy of affirmative action that would
seek to ensure that organisation…

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The increase in Native Americans was not matched by an increase in their
living standards
Tuberculosis, Trachoma, alcoholism and illiteracy were all still seen as major
Life expectancy was 44, 20 years lower than the US average
Suicide rates for 16-25 year olds were well above the national average…

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Police Treatment
White police treatment of Mexicans, unlike the racism against African
Americans, was still nonetheless prejudice.
A case where a white officer was alleged to have shot a Mexican was
eventually abandoned as a conviction was very unlikely.
This could be explained by the fact that few Mexicans were…

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Tijerina was arrested and charged with kidnapping and assault on a jail where
some of his members were imprisoned. In a celebrated case held in
Albuquerque, he was acquitted in December 1968, and militant activity

What was the situation by the late 1960's?
Each of the ethnic minorities surveyed…

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What had the Native Americans achieved by 1980?
1969, the Nixon administration appointed a Mohawk-Sioux, Louis R. Bruce, as
commissioner for Indian Affairs. The government later returned 40,000 acres
of sacred land to the Taos Pueblos Indians.
1970, Nixon assured the tribes they would be given greater autonomy. The

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The bulk of Mexican immigrants were poor, illiterate peasants who remained
They continued to suffer from low levels of education, high unemployment
and low paid dead-end jobs.

Chicanos were the 2nd largest minority group in the country. Should they not,
therefore, have achieved greater advances? Perhaps they suffered from…


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