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Revision notes on the national governing body of Badminton for AS Physical Education, 6 Assignments.

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National Governing Body of Badminton in England
Badminton England
National Badminton Centre
Milton Keynes
01908 268 400
BadmintonEngland is based at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes.
Within Badminton England there are departments for Elite Play, Events,
Membership, Development and Coaching.
Badminton England closely liaises with the 41 Counties of England to provide
support to the club and league structures.
There are 2 levels of coaching awards in Badminton
Level 1 Assistant Coach
Level 2 Coach Award
The Assistant coach award allows the bearer to assist a qualified coach working
with Junor at beginner and club level and Senior at beginner level social level
and club level but only in the lower leagues.
Candidates should have some understanding of basic scoring and rules
particularly serving rules)
Candidates will be expected to have some experience playing the game
Luke Ikin SO9

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Candidates should be able to racket feed single shuttles to the forecourt
and rearcourt using an underarm technique to give players reasonable
practice opportunities
Candidates must be 16 years or older and the course lasts 9 hours with 1 hour
worth of breaks. Candidates will be taught by a qualified and experienced tutor.…read more

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Badminton England has announced the launch of a major national competition,
the Carlton National Leisure Centres Championships. 119 Leisure centres are
taking part in this new competition from all over the country.
The aim is to provide competition at the right level for the thousands of people
playing badminton outside of league teams in centres throughout the country.
Playing competitively at whatever level increases the interest and provides
motivation to improve.…read more


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