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·Intertextuality in Film…read more

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Genre helps the audience distinguish
what type of film it is likely to be, and
because of this the audience will have
certain expectations.
The ability to recognise genre is used to
arouse audience interest, expectations
and anticipation.…read more

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Genre Codes and Conventions
Genre Conventions are those
characteristics used in films to identify
specific genres.
These are the Setting, Plot, Props,
Themes, Costumes, Iconography,
Soundtrack etc.…read more

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Narrative refers to the story or account.
It is important to consider how narratives
are organised.
Narrative Structure refers to the way a
story is organised and shaped in terms of
time and events.…read more

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Narrative Theorists
Tzvetan Todorov
Vladimir Propp
Claude Levi-Strauss
Roland Barthés…read more

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What did Todorov believe?
He set up a way of analysing narratives
according to the way they move forward
through different stages.
He suggested that many narratives,
regardless of their genre, could be broken
into specific stages of analysis.…read more

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