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Debby Adeyemi
Nanotechnology is technology but on a molecular scale, for instance if you had a computer that
incorporated nanotechnology it would be a billion times faster and one million times smaller.
Computers can become one billion times faster and one million times smaller
Automatic pollution clean-up
Manufacturing at almost no cost
End of illnesses (i.e. cancer, heart disease)
Universal immunity (i.e. aids, flu)
Body sculpting (i.e. change your appearance)
Reproducing extinct animals and plants
Safe and space travel
Loss of jobs (in manufacturing, farming etc)- devices and machines have taken place
of human to work faster and accurately
Increases risk to health, carbon nano-tubes could cause lung problems if inhaled
There could be poisoning of mass material which has been processed at nano scale
Oil and diamonds could become worthless
Atomic weapons are more accessible and more destructive
expensive and cost is increasing day by day- difficult of the manufacturers to
randomly produce dynamic products with the nanotechnology
Increases pollution (nano pollution)- dangerous for living organisms
Electronic paper
Nokia morph mobile phone
Contact lenses
The national science and technology council (of USA) claims that :
"Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that will change the nature of almost every human
made object in the next century"
In my opinion, I think it is a win or lose situation and nanotechnology can be very profitable if
used properly. For example, in the future if it prevents or maybe makes diseases extinct from

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Debby Adeyemi
Earth, it could cause overpopulation seeing as no one would really die. However,
overpopulation later on could lead to disastrous war over resources that sustain life.…read more


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