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Nanotechnology: Fast,
Fiction and Future?…read more

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What is Nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology is a new industry where products are made from tiny
particles called Nanoparticles. These particles are minute and scientists
hope that they can help revolutionize our world. Nanoparticles can be
found in nature, for example tiny salt particles in the atmosphere.
Humans have been making Nanoparticles for years without realising.
Nanotechnology is when scientists manipulate Nanoparticles to enhance
products. This means you can make ordinary objects stronger, lighter,
waterproof, antiseptic or more.…read more

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How Small are they?
Nanoparticals are tiny, the range of their size is from 0.1nm to
100nm. This is a billionth of a metre (0.000,000,001m). A
nanometre is about 1/80,000 thickness of a human hair and
about the width of a DNA molecule. An ant is 5 million
nanometres long and a red blood cell is 7,500 nm long where as a
Nanoparticle could be as small as 0.1nm! This shows how small
Nanoparticles are and how incredible that modern day science
can create new products from these minute particles.
Nanoparticle…read more

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How Small are they?
The Size of Nanoparticles…read more

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The Scale of Things…read more

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What are the uses of
In the military
By holiday companies
In textiles
By bus companies
In computers
In cancer treatments
In Sun cream
In clothing…read more

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