Nano Science

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Nanoscience is the science of very small particles, it looks
at the properties of very small particles (Nanoparticles), and
these generally range between 0.1nm to 100nm.
A nanometre is one millionth of a millimetre. 1nm =
Nanotechnology looks at the uses of these tiny particles.
They have a very large surface area compared to their
volume, so they can react quite quickly.
They behave differently to the materials they are made from
on a large scale.
Everyday applications of Nanoscience
They can be used in Windows because sunshine triggers a
chemical reaction that breaks down any dirt, and rainwater is
spread out evenly over the window to wash away the broken
down dirt.
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles are so small they do not
reflect visible light, so can't be seen by the human eye. So
therefore they are used in Sun creams to block harmful
ultraviolet rays, without appearing white on the skin.
They are used in many cosmetics including facecreams
because they absorb deeper into the skin, they are also
used in deodorants.
They could also be used in the development of : New
catalysts, New computers, Stronger and Lighter building
materials as well as sensors that detect tiny amounts of


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