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Unit 3
Financial Control
Case Study



Part 1

`Nails4u' is a sole trader which has been operating in Hackney for the last 2 years. The
manager of Nails4u requires the support of a Finance consultant to help the Business ensure
that they make a profit…

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370 400 395 450 510 620 450 500 430 400 415 700

In order to make sure that Nails4u can cater for all of the customers coming in then need to
order the manicure nails that they will be using on the customers. Their supplier charges them
£4.50 each for…

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All sales are recorded on their till. The till receipt has the following information on it: customer
sales ID number, the cost of the transaction, the cash received and the change given. It also
has on it the date of the sale.

The manager is also responsible for keeping the…


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