My Polish Teachers Tie

Mind map of key quotes and themes, colour coded.  These are the sheets I used for my revision at GCSE so I hope they help.

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"I like your tie." ­ This shows Carla's kind nature, as she is comforting him, calming his nerves by being a friend to him.
Valerie Kenward
Represented as arrogant towards the other members of staff as she speaks about Stefan behind his back. This shows ignorance towards his
language and culture and her lack of understanding towards him.
"It's the way he talks"
Formal way of speaking to each other through letter, though they have a personal understanding.
Constantly repeating "I knew it" talking about a song. ­ Reliving her childhood memories.
Carla and Stefan have a mutual understanding.
She understands him and knows he
feels uncomfortable; "...smiling in the way
people smile when they don't know what's
going on."
"He jumped" ­ His reaction to Carla's greeting shows that he is oblivious to his surroundings, maybe a little nervous.
"It was sweaty as I'd known it would be." She predicted how he would act. She understands him.
"Colleagues don't wear blue overalls and white caps and work for £3.89 an hour" ­ The repetition shows her lack of confidence. She is defining
herself as unimportant.
"He'd be smiling because that's what you do in a foreign place when you don't know what's going on." Sense of worry and care as she cares
about the opinions people have on her.
Written in first person therefore you emphasise for the protagonist as it's written from her perspective.
Focuses on the themes of identity/culture/relationships/status
Identity ­ She has low self esteem and doesn't believe in her own importance
Culture ­ As Carla's background is Polish, and it links in with status as people realise towards the end of the story they don't know anything
about Carla as they didn't know about her culture.
Relationships ­ Between Carla and Steve, Carla's hesitant attitude as she doesn't tell Steve about her job.
The relationship of Carla and her daughter, she shows a caring nature towards her.

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I told him about Jade" Importance of her in her life.
The higher status role between the teachers and Carla ­ "Oh, Er" hesitant towards as if she isn't important.
The use of her full name `Valerie Kenward' shows a higher status and importance.…read more


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