My Last Duchess

  • The poem is analysed using the method of FLIRTS (in doc the method is explained- what each letter means)
  • Includes quotations
  • You could rewrite those note briefly in an exam, therefore you won't run out of things to say


  • Make your own version of this, but bullet point instead(simplified)
  • Print off the poem and find appropriate quotations for each part needed for the analysis, e.g for language
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GCSE Anthology- Character and voice. AQA Syllabus

My Last Duchess- Robert Browning
Method- FLIRTS (Form, language, imagery, rhythm, tone and subject)

F- A dramatic monologue- to envoy (speaking directly) More
powerful. Iambic pentameter, enjambment and caesura make it seem
more like natural speech. The poem is written in iambic pentameter…

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GCSE Anthology- Character and voice. AQA Syllabus

wonderful imagery and it would reflect the capable, intelligent and
sensitive soul if it was; this certainly does not describe the Duke. The
Duke has no respect for acts of kindness or a simple thing of beauty.

R- Iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets…


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