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Social Theory
By Patrice Stephens

Our understanding of religion has been influenced by the contributions of sociological
theory. Functionalists view religion in terms of how religion contributes to society. Durkheim
claims that the one purpose that all religions serve is `the celebration of the social group'. A
religion is a…

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weakness. Therefore the stronger group will gain at the expense of the lower group.
However religion justified their position and covered up their real power base, which is the
fact that they owned the means of production.

Marx suggests that religion blinds the `the people' (the proletariats) and gives the…

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different religions and faiths before deciding which suits them best. Lyons, writer of `Jesus in
Disney Land' explains the move toward post modernity in terms of two key social changes.

Firstly the spread of computers an information technology: this globalisation allows ideas to
travel throughout the world in a matter…

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the maternal instinct their biological anatomy is used against them, they are made to accept
the roles they are given as `ordained by God'. According to Rosalind Miles, a radical feminist,
the very beautiful features of a woman that brought life into the world made women so
supreme and sovereign…


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