Music revision poem

short poem to help remember the dances

hope it helps

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According to Amanda
The dance with the slowest tempo is named the sarabande,
With its minor key and ¾ time
It's the ideal dance to start this rhyme.
Amanda took a bet
That the dance with the moderate speed was the minuet.
It has 3 crotchet beats in a bar,
And is often danced to by film stars.
The Gigue comes next,
And it's 6/8 time signature is complex
With its tempo being quite fast
It should definitely not be surpassed.
Another dance with a ¾ time is the waltz,
As my favourite dance, I believe it has no faults.
Its "Um cha cha" style,
Makes it stick out by a mile.
It is the polka now,
With a 2/4 tempo-WOW!
It includes the acciaccatura
Making it harder for Laura.

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The hot and spicy salsa,
Is by no means a disaster
Its cross rhythms and exciting syncopation,
Gives my heart palpitations.…read more


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