Music Listening - All Pieces - Key Facts in Table

All the pieces listed in a table with key facts about Background, Structure, Texture, Pitch/Melody, Harmony/Tonality, Rhythm/Tempo and Dynamics.

Also a column for Keywords related to each piece.

I spent a long time condensing the information I hope this is a valuable resource to everyone doing the listening exam.

*Words starred are on the third page with definition (saves any googling right!)

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Name Of Keywords Background Structure Texture Pitch/ Melody Harmony/ Tonality Instrumentation Rhythm/ Tempo Dynamics
Frederic .Oratorio . German . Three Parts . Different lyric . Syllabic* . A Major ­ Modulates . Full Baroque .3/4 . Terraced Dynamics ­
Handel ­ .Plagal Composer .1st ­ Prophecies layers . Sometimes…

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Jeff Buckley - .Falsetto* .Became .Verse- Chorus . Mostly Syllabic .E minor .Guitars .12/8 .Drop D tuning
Grace popular in Form .Melismatic on . Chromatic ­ Parallel .Bass Guitar . Compound ­ Four dotted .Falsetto
1990's some words Motion* .Synthesiser crotchets Use of Technology
. Vocal phrases Dissonant* Harmonies in…


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