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Alevel music- Glossary

A Cappella: One or more vocalist performing Cantata: Music written for chorus & orchestra
without an accompaniment (usually religious)
Accelerando: Gradually quicken the tempo Capriccio: Quick improvised music
Accent: Emphasis on a particular note Chamber music: Music written for 2 to 10 solo
Accented passing note: passing…

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Development: Where musical themes are Heterophonic: variations of a single melodic line
developed (sonata form) played at the same time

Diatonic: using notes that belong to the scale of Hexachord: 6 note chord
the key Homophony: Music is sung/ played in unison
Imitation: repetition of a melody in a different…

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Madrigal: Contrapuntal song written for at least 3 Opera: Drama where words are sung instead of
voices without an accompaniment spoken

Major: 1 of the 2 tonal systems, this one has a Operetta: short light musical drama
more positive affirming character Opus: Way of numbering compositions
March: Music written in…

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Recapitulation: Reprise (in sonata form) Sonatina: brief/ short sonata

Refrain: repeated phrase played at the end of Staccato: short detached notes
each verse of a song Stretto: related to a fugue where there is
Register: Portion of a range of an instrument or overlapping of the main theme, or a…

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Whole-tone notes: equal to 2 half notes, 4 quarter
notes and 8 eighth notes.
Whole-tone scale: A scale of whole-tone notes



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