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Hi, I'm Finn. Let's
learn stuff.
Muscles and
Joints…read more

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Strong and hard
Made up of bone cells
embedded in a matrix of
collagen and calcium salts
Strong under compression
forces…read more

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Hard but flexible
Made up of chondrocytes
within an organic matrix of
collagen fibrils
Elastic and able to withstand
compression forces
Good shock absorber
Two types: hyaline and white
fibrous tissue…read more

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Made up of white fibrous tissue
Joins muscles to bones
Strong but relatively inelastic
Provides a little shock absorption if the joint is
suddenly stretched
MUSCLE-to-bone!…read more

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Holds bones together
Made of yellow elastic tissue
Some ligament capsules are loose,
others are tight
BONE-to-BONE!…read more

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Some people develop arthritis as
a result of the articular cartilage
wearing away or becoming
severely damaged.
What prevents erosion?
Rubbery cartilage allows the joint to
articulate smoothly
Joints produce synovial fluid, which
acts as a liquid lubricant, filling the
joint cavity and reducing friction.…read more

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