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Murder, despite being the most serious offence in English law, is one only defined at the common law. It is a crime
which carries a mandatory life sentence and the ability for the judge to set a minimum period which must be served
before the defendant is eligible for…

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The main question here is whether an omission is sufficient for the actus reus of murder. Once it has been established
that it was the cause of the death ­ either an act or omission can be the actus reus.

Gibbins & Proctor (1918)
Gibbins and his partner starved…

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Mens Rea

The mens rea for murder is `malice aforethought' which means intention ­ `express or implied'.

Express Malice Aforethought:

This is the true intention to kill.

Implied Malice Aforethough:

This is the intention to cause GBH. This shows that the defendant can be guilty of murder even if they…


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