Munich Crisis and the Invasion of Czechoslovakia

Notes on the Munich Crisis (1938) and the Nazis' invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939.

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Czechoslovakia: The Munich Crisis, September 1938
Hitler determined on a Blitzkreig war against Czechoslovakia, to take the Sudetenland and make it
part of the greater Germany. The Sudeten Germans, led by Henlein and Frank, demanded
independence from Czechoslovakia. They were German speaking and could be added to the Reich
under Pan-German policy. Britain and France urged Czechoslovakia to give up the Sudetenland.
Neville Chamberlain, however, was only prepared to grant it by negotiation and not by force.
It came to a head in September with 3 meetings between Hitler and Chamberlain.
Hitler said this was his last territorial demand in
Europe. Neville Chamberlain agreed so
15/09/1938 Czechoslovakia was forced to give up the
Sudetenland by Britain and France. Hitler was
disappointed at such an easy victory. He wanted the
destruction of Czechoslovakia by Germany.
Bad Godesberg.
Hitler wanted to seize the Sudetenland at once by
occupation. Chamberlain refused and left. Britain
promised to help France defend Czechoslovakia and
mobilised the armed forces. The German army and
22/09/1938 navy, supported by Göring, warned Hitler that they
would not win against Britain, France and
Czechoslovakia at the same time. The German people
also wanted peace which surprised Hitler so he
changed his mind. Chamberlain wanted peace as
well, but not on any terms.

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Chamberlain agreed to let German troops enter the
Sudetenland on October 1st in a staged occupation,
29/09/1938 and in return Hitler promised in writing to make no
more claims. Chamberlain arrived back in Britain,
waving Hitler's written promise in the air claiming he
had achieved "peace in our time".
Poland and Hungary turned on Czechoslovakia, and
Britain and France could do little to prevent this.
German troops marched into Czechoslovakia and
took over Bohemia.…read more


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