Munich Beer Hall Putsch, Nov 1923 Factsheet

A factsheet summarising what happened at the Munich Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923.

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Munich Beer Hall Putsch ­ November 1923
Hitler tried to take advantage of the crisis facing the Weimar government by
instigating a revolution in Munich.
At first, the Nazis were just a terrorist group. Hitler assembled a large group of unemployed
young men and former soldiers, known as the storm troopers (the SA), which attacked
other political groups. Hitler hoped to take power by starting a revolution.
During the crisis of 1923, therefore, Hitler plotted with two nationalist politicians - Kahr and
Lossow - to take over Munich in a revolution.
Hitler collected his storm troopers and told them to be ready to rebel.
But then, on 4 October 1923, Kahr and Lossow called off the rebellion. This was an
impossible situation for Hitler, who had 3,000 troops ready to fight.
On the night of 8 November 1923, Hitler and 600 storm troopers burst into a meeting that
Kahr and Lossow were holding at the local Beer Hall. Waving a gun at them, Hitler forced
them to agree to rebel - and then let them go home. The SA took over the army
headquarters and the offices of the local newspaper.
The next day, 9 November 1923, Hitler and his Nazis went into Munich on what they thought
would be a triumphal march to take power.
However, Kahr had called in police and army reinforcements. There was a short scuffle in
which the police killed 16 Nazis.
Hitler fled, but was arrested two days later.


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