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Case Study Mumbai, Asian Megacity
The commercial capital of India
Provides 33% of India's tax revenue
Suffers hyperurbanisation
Home to 17 million people
600 new migrants arrive a day By 2020 there is an expected population of 26 million and
could become the world's largest city
Ruralurban migration Push and Pull factors
Push from rural poverty, drought/flooding, lack of investment, services, opportunities, jobs
(low paid too) and infrastructure
Pull to urban more jobs, more opportunities
`Bright Lights' Syndrome perception
People move to Mumbai and also Bangalore
Lots of IT jobs and opportunities
Out sourcing call centres
Is a global hub for communications= investment and growth of the city
60% of population live in poverty live Dharavi
Decline of old manufacturing jobs and increase in the informal sector
Low average incomes e.g. £40 per month
High amounts for air pollution and waste problems
Dharavi can however be described as sustainable as it recycles 80% of its waste and is
worth $1.5 million a year
Dharai Megaslum
Has now developed into a `real' city government have acknowledged it as one
Situated between two railway lines
1 million residents that are actually there illegally
Is a close knit community
Lots of facilities created by the locals mostly private sector e.g. food halls, health clinics
Most work is informal industries (cottage industries)
1. Recycling 80% of waste is recycled worth $1.5 million a year employs 10,000 (including
2. Clothing sweat shops, selling also to retail stores
3. Pottery Kumbharwada is the main place

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Has created a sustainable community
Transport Housing Employment
Widen and beautify the main Increase housing availability to Aims to create 200,000
northsouth and eastwest reduce the number of people high0end service sector jobs
roads living in slums in the financial, healthcare and
entertainment sectors (raising
GDP by 3% a year)
Provide more public transport Make housing more affordable 5000,000 jobs in construction,
and increase the amount of retail, tourism and recreation
parking spaces (raising GDP by 2% per year)
25km bridge linking the city…read more


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Heres some food for thought...
I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?

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