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MSM Revision

There are 2 kinds of memory: Short term memory and long term memory.

The Millers Memory test shows that the capacity of the short term memory for
most people is 5 to 9 items. The duration of short term memory is thirty


This takes place…

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Rehearsal ­ repeating something to remember it.

STM short term memory

LTM ­ long term memory

Theory ­ Explanation

Chunking ­ putting things in to groups

Encoding putting something in to your sensory register

Retrieval ­ getting something back

Cognitive psychology ­ Studying how we process and store information.


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Clive proves that MSM is true because the part of his brain that was damaged
has stopped memories from being transferred from the STM to the LTM.

It doesn't prove that MSM is true because the fact that he can still play piano
and recall his wife means that he…


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