Multi Store Model of Memory

This word document consists of several AO2 points for the Multi Store Model of Memory for students studying PSYB2

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The Multi-Store Model (Atkinson and Shiffrin)
Does not take into account individual differences in subject's performance including cognitive
ability or previous experience with learning technique.
Too simplistic- Assumes there are just two memory units e.g. STM and LTM.
Assumes rehearsal and repetition is needed to information to be remembered. Then, how
are events remembered without the need for rehearsal and repetition? e.g. remembering
H.M- anterograde amnesia- STM able but LTM impaired (He was unable to form new long
term memories of new events or of semantic knowledge).
o Supports the idea that there are 2 memory components!
K.F.- STM damaged; LTM intact
o You cannot go from STM-LTM with a damaged STM!
This model presents a rather passive view of memory and cannot account for active
processes such as reconstruction, that is, when memories are altered because of
expectations (eye witness testimony factors).
STM and LTM are not as separate as the model suggests e.g. chunking requires that LTM is
accessed in order to establish the meaning of the chunks.
Processes- contradicts the LOP model. The LOP model suggests that lasting memories are
created through elaborative processing, rather than simply verbal or maintenance rehearsal.


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